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Supports multiple sales channel

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    • Etsy
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MugLaunch is fully packed with tons of awesome features


If you can use a keyboard, you can design products.

With our easy-to-use designer, you can easily turn any text into stunning designs and watch it happen in real-time, so you know exactly how the finished product will look like.


Preview your design in multiple fonts at the same time.

Can't decide which font to use? No problem, because you can now view your design in multiple fonts at the same time, making it super easy for you to see which font looks the best.


Turn a single product into hundreds of unique products.

Creating hundreds of products is a big task and very time consuming, but with Muglaunch, you can easily turn a single product into hundreds of unique products in a matter of seconds.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Can I use MugLaunch for free?

      Yes, MugLaunch is has no subscription plans. We only charge a fee when processing your orders.

    • Is the fulfillment 100% automatic?

      Yes, orders are automatically imported and sent to fulfillment. Once an order has been fulfilled, the tracking is sent to your customer.

    • Do I need an Amazon account?

      Yes, you need an Amazon Sellers account in order to upload products to Amazon and sell them on their marketplace.

    • Do you fulfill my orders?

      No, all orders are sent to your fulfillment partner and they print, pack and ship your orders directly to your customer.

    • Is there a daily upload limit?

      To make sure we don’t reach the Amazon throttling limit, we’re limiting the daily uploads to 250 variations.

    • How many integrations do you offer?

      At the moment we offer an Amazon and Etsy integration.

    • Is CustomCat free to use?

      Yes, CustomCat is free to use and you're only charged when they process your orders.

    • How many products can I upload?

      There is no limit. We maximize your daily upload limit and continues the next day until all your products have been uploaded.

    • Can I use Muglaunch from my phone?

      You can indeed! Muglaunch is fully optimized for mobile use, so you can even create and upload products on the go.